A couple months ago I worked for three days straight trying to design a new author website as a way to help announce the end of my three year writing hiatus. It took so long because I had no clue what I wanted it to look like and I had to fine tune every detail just so.

That’s the life of an indie author. You recognize something you need done and then you learn how to do it yourself. I am not a website designer by any means. I had to research the programs to build it and then play around with code I barely understood, accidentally deleting work on multiple occasions.

But the end product was something I really loved. It really suited my personality and yet was broad enough that I can release books in any genre and it wouldn’t look out of place.

And then the website crashed and I lost literally all of it. I found out over Christmas that a virus via the web hosting infected every file of my site and I lost the author bio, the finely tuned website design, the blog posts, everything. What a Christmas present.

So woops, let’s try this again! Here’s the newly designed (again) author website! Thankfully I had screenshots of the site before the virus attacked it, so I was able to replicate a good deal of it. But I also took this chance to add new flairs, new colors, and easier ways to sign up for my newsletter (and get a free ebook in the process, wink wink).

I hope you all like it! And I promise to try really hard not to crash it this time!

Until Next Time,