I want to start a new habit where I occasionally post about what books I’m reading currently and share them with you all. I think this will help me read more because every great writer is a great reader. And I also love sharing a shout out to deserving authors. I know how much even a little mention can mean to a writer.

So, without further ado, here’s what I have on my Kindle right now!

Rite to Reign

I was lucky enough to win a free copy of this box set during a Facebook party, but I would have gladly paid for it. I mean, it’s literally $2.99 and you get 15 full-length novels! Since you can’t see me, I’ll just let you know I’m drooling over here. Not to mention this cover! Go check out the official website with all the purchase links HERE but make sure you hurry because they will be removing this set from online retailers soon! (Hence the whole Limited Edition thing.)

Save the Cat! Writes a Novel

A while ago Blake Snyder released a book titled Save the Cat! which was considered groundbreaking when it comes to writing epic screenwriting plots. And now the lovely Jessica Brody takes the ideas presented in that book and explains them in ways that authors (like moi) can use them. This was probably the first book I bought as soon as I decided to get back into writing and it is absolutely amazing so far. If you’re at all interested in writing, I couldn’t recommend this more highly! The website will all those purchase links can be found HERE.

I feel like having one fiction and one nonfiction in my current reading pile brings a good balance to things. But I also said that when I tried yoga for a week, so who knows? Unfortunately, I am a quick reader so I think these will be demolished in no time (though 15 novels in one ebook might take a little extra) so I will need new reading soon. Comment below and let me know what books you’re currently diving into and what you recommend. Feed my Kindle!

Until Next Time,