If there’s one thing my closest family and friends can tell you about me, it’s that I love all things cozy and adorable. In high school, I was a bit of a t-shirt addict. The joke was that I’d do anything if a free t-shirt was involved and my mom even said my tombstone one day would read, “The t-shirt was worth it.”

Because of my obsessions with both comfy clothes and adorable artwork, it only made sense to join the two together and sprinkle in my love of writing while at it. That’s why I am ecstatic to announce that I now have a Teespring shop open and filled with merch for the Whisker Witchcraft series! *cue the applause*

I’ve been working closely with a wonderful designer who created chibi versions of Harper and her kittens. There are currently two designs available and they can be found on an array of products including shirts, hoodies, stickers, and even a pillow.

I’m hoping that moving forward I can create fun, stylish pieces for all of my series. So make sure you keep your eye open for what might pop up in the shop. There’s even a sticker in there right now that hints at the next series coming soon from yours truly!

When you’re ready to shop, head on over to my Teespring by either clicking the tab on the top of the website, or via this link: https://teespring.com/stores/authorsamanthacoville

Until Next Time,