No matter where reading trends take us, whether it be reapers or magical academies, there will also be a soft spot for…vampires. How can we help ourselves? We’ve been fascinated with them for decades and it got even worse once they started to sparkle. 😉

And that’s why I am absolutely thrilled to wish a Happy Release Day to my novel Kiss of Crimson. It has it all: ball gowns, romance, lies, murder, and, of course, vampires. It was a blast to write with my coauthor, Fionn Jameson. She is a USA Today Bestselling author and was absolutely brilliant at bringing the cocky, handsome vampire Arden to life on the page. He made for the perfect pairing with my character, Eloise, who is a naive daughter of a Blood Trader and is obsessed with fairytales.

If this sounds intriguing to you, and you want to see how these two characters come together, then continue below to read the synopsis and check out the stunning cover by Kiff Shaik at Solidarity Graphics.

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Vampire clientele are fine until you start to fall in love with one of them.
Eloise is the daughter of one of the most renowned and respected Blood Traders in the country. Her mother provides illegal human blood to a wealthy collection of vampire customers who, by law, can only drink animal blood. But that’s no fun, is it? To protect her daughter, Madame Leona has kept Eloise hidden away from her work. But the naive girl has come of age and has decided it’s her turn to shine.
The world of Blood Trading may not be at all that Eloise expected.
It may be much darker.
Because Blood Trading isn’t just about gowns and parties and keeping the ancient clients happy. It’s about rival Traders, spies, and not knowing whom you can trust. So when a young vampire named Arden comes into the picture, Eloise is in for a dangerous adventure she could have never imagined.
*This book is intended for readers 18 years of age and older. Content includes blood, adult language, and some steamy scenes not intended for younger readers.

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