Title: Pawsome Magic
Series: Whisker Witchcraft #2
Release Date: SUMMER 2021
Genre: ,
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The magical students of the Jourdemayne Academy of Witchcraft have returned for another year of class...and a hefty helping of complete and utter chaos that wasn't in the brochure.
Harper Bishop has adjusted nicely to her role as guardian of her three ancient Hell Cats. Over the summer break they've kept their kitten size and appearance but grown steadily in their powers. And they're going to need them.
Just on the horizon, a chateau has abruptly appeared that wasn't there the night before. It's daunting, ominous, and apparently accepting students to enroll. A new school has arrived, but no one has an inkling where it came from or who is heading the operation. Even shrouded in mystery, it's expanding rapidly and Harper can sense something is awry.
It's just one more thing weighing on the young witch in her second year. She's constantly distracted by a bitter rival, an unexpected breakup, and a roommate in need of some dire help. Not to mention the media that is starting to catch wind of the three unusual felines in the mansion.
Can't there just be one normal year? Or at least as normal as it can get when you're growing a pair of cat ears?

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