Title: Secret of the Halflings
Release Date: 7/2/2019
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Sirens are real. Raya's father is one of them. Now she has to survive them.
Enjoy all three novels in the Secret of the Halflings series and become entranced in the story of seventeen-year-old Raya. Most girls want a phone or cold hard cash for their birthday. Raya got to find out she was half Siren, a mythological creature that is as beautiful as it is deadly. Now she has to spend one year living with her estranged father in his Siren colony underground. It wouldn't be so hard if everyone in the colony didn't hate her because of her parentage.
Not to mention the war that is beginning to stir.
Blood baths, lies, and first love are only part of Raya's concerns. There's a dark secret about what she is and what she can do. Is the secret the key to victory or the key to the end of everything?
Perfect for fans of Rick Riordan or Michael Scott.