Title: The Silent Shadow Society
Release Date: SPRING 2021
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Murder means something different to everyone. To some, it is a heinous crime against humanity. To others, it’s an art, a release, or a downright addiction.
Eliza has grown up being scrutinized under the public eye. Her father, the infamous Maynard Redworth, has been waiting on death row for over a decade and his execution is looming near. There’s no doubt that he is guilty of those murders, but Eliza has kept her relationship with her father, even despite her mother’s pleas otherwise.
But the story doesn’t end when Maynard Redworth takes his last breath. Someone or someones have been watching Lizzie since the day she was born. They’ve been waiting impatiently and the time has arrived. Eliza Redworth must now take her place in the Silent Shadow Society.
The most elusive, secret society of serial killers to have ever existed.
The halls of the society manor are filled with murderers of all ages, backgrounds, and guilty pleasures. The Moralists kill only those whom they have deemed deserve it. The Purists kill for the thrill and gratification it provides.
Lizzie has been destined to be a part of this cut-throat group her whole life. But is she really one of them? Does she have what it takes to end a life by her hand? Is she like the father that her mother despised to the very end?
And what will she do when her heart finds itself drawn to four of the most ruinous souls at the manor?
There is no rest for the wicked in this dark, serial killer, why choose romance.
*This story is intended for mature readers ages 18 years and older. Dark themes include murder, sexual content, and foul language.*