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the final chapter in the trilogy


Tensions are at a peak as Raya, Christopher, and the members of the Sarian colony prepare for a war. Headquarters becomes barricaded, other colonies from across the globe join their ranks, and a foe they thought dead rises to pose the biggest threat yet. The Sirens and Halflings will have to put differences aside to work together and survive.
And in the middle of all of this is an heirdom ceremony none of them expected. Raya will officially take her place at her father’s side. But what’s the point of becoming an heir to a throne that might not exist tomorrow?

What Am I Reading Now?

I want to start a new habit where I occasionally post about what books I'm reading currently and share them with you all. I think this will help me read more because every great writer is a great reader. And I also love sharing a shout out to deserving authors. I know...

Happy New Year!

We've officially survived 2018. And the year of 2019 awaits like an unopened present. I'm excited to see what this year holds. But I also don't want to forget what this last year has meant to me. So here are the top three moments of my 2018 and the top three things...

Woops, Let’s Try This Again

A couple months ago I worked for three days straight trying to design a new author website as a way to help announce the end of my three year writing hiatus. It took so long because I had no clue what I wanted it to look like and I had to fine tune every detail just...


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