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Spring 2019

Demons, deities, and romance, oh my!

Jack is the newest recruit at the Interworld Treaty Enactment Agency, responsible for keeping peace and order between the creatures of the Underworld and the humans of topside. He has a lot to learn if he wants to stay alive on the job and it doesn’t help that his partner seems strangely adamant that she doesn’t need him.

Underworld’s Agents contains Jack and Catherine’s first five cases as an unlikely duo. You’ll encounter everything from demons and hell beasts to magic and enchanted artifacts. 

If these two can get along that is.

Cover Reveal!

I am so stoked to get to finally share the cover for my upcoming project with you guys. It's titled Underworld's Agents and is the first in a series of stories involving agents from a top secret agency that handles the relationship between the underworld and topside....

What Am I Reading Now?

I want to start a new habit where I occasionally post about what books I'm reading currently and share them with you all. I think this will help me read more because every great writer is a great reader. And I also love sharing a shout out to deserving authors. I know...

Happy New Year!

We've officially survived 2018. And the year of 2019 awaits like an unopened present. I'm excited to see what this year holds. But I also don't want to forget what this last year has meant to me. So here are the top three moments of my 2018 and the top three things...


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